Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Back to the Blog!

Hey all,

Doug here. Just wanting to bring some clarification to the last few TikTok videos that have rolled out from yours truly.... #LunchWithDoug. It's a TikTok social experiment. Let's see how it is going so far.

The latest was me combing my hair, since, well, I have fallen subject to the TikTok phenomenon.

Before that was my son Colton waking up and eating cereal. Again, TikTok phenomenon.

Ok, then there was the video before that.... Me going to McDonald's to apparently to get french fries based on the gif that was stamped on the video. This has been the most popular so far this week, and is in the top three on the Lunch with Doug TikTok page.

Do you like Mario? That was the topic of the next video with game music and featuring my children asking if you like Mario.

Now for the most creative of the videos that I have posted to the Lunch With Doug TikTok page. This one features me walking around, and the camera is angled to my feet. Then it shows some buttons and handles to push to exit with some abstract music titled "Walkman".

Ok finally one that kinda has a real point. This next video has some words on the screen and says "Cottey College Play coming soon!" the camera show some shots of the set on the theater stage.

Now for the video witht he words "Let's Jam" posted. It is me playing my guitar with an original little rhythm jam. #TikTokBand and #LetsJam are the hashtags. Hope someone does a reply video and jams along soon. But until then just one view. LOL.

There are more but I see now that I have wandered off from what Lunch With Doug needs to be saying. LOL

Enjoy the videos! They are fun!

Monday, February 17, 2020

Glory Days of the Blog & Podcast #6

So today as I am working on recording some things for the upcoming podcast, and I recall just how much I enjoyed the days of just the simple blog.

Looking back to when I use to write on my prehistoric website in the late 90's, in which i referred to as my on-line log, before I ever heard the word blog, I was so passionate about the possibility of communicating with the masses and shaking things up for the better around our local music scene.

I never imagined that I would be able to upload video content in a snap like we can today, as it even took around 5 to 10 minutes just to refresh and upload text and pictures to my website back then.

So now today I just wanted to drop some text for you to read in honor of the golden era of the blog, that we sort of have return to, but only now audio/videoed.

So all that said to promote our new podcast that will drop today.

Thanks for the support all these years, and keep reading, watching, listening.

Your musical friend,
Dangerous Doug Harper 77

Click here to follow this link to the podcast!

Thursday, February 6, 2020

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