Saturday, June 15, 2019

Happy Weekend; Now We Explain Ourselves

Dear You,

Thanks for taking time to check out the Lunch With Doug and Community Follower website. After you are done reading this letter feel free to scroll through our past posts to see the episodes and the occasional typed blog entry here on this website.

Now We explain Ourselves.

There is so much to revel yet so little time, so this will just have to be an overview and beginning to the explanation.

I often refer to Lunch with Doug as 'We' this is because there are many websites, social pages, and people that are on the show, so this is why I say 'We' and 'Our' etc. you get it now.

But this letter is just from me, from the heart so today it is just 'I' talking to You.

So here goes.... Music Exurbia is a project that has really been going on for much longer than a name to go with it. It has been called many things in part. There have been many different brands, ideas, projects, and heck even songs over the years. Finally one day it just hit me what the whole thing was, and should be called.

Well it wasn't just that easy...

A few years ago I wanted to open a music store and needed a good... no... I needed a GREAT name and perfect logo. Well all of that came to me after much brainstorming and strategic planning. Music Exurbia was the name to be... but at that time I did not know the name would really sum up the whole aspect of what I had been doing all these years and be able to embrace every project, promotion, website, and just the general beat of my existence using only two words made of twelve letters, and and six syllables.

The project has two sides. On the left side is the music part, and on the right side, yep you guessed it... Exurbia.

The middle? Sic Ex? I don't know if we will ever refer to it as that name, but yes there is a middle involving both sides. 'Team Music' and 'Team Exurbia' if you want to look at it like this though we are not competing. Both sides need each other to exist and thrive.

Now think about some of our projects, products, and brands and see where they fit in this whole ecosystem.

More to come.

Dangerous Doug