Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Best of Both Worlds

Well hello all it is great to connect with you again. Today we talk about the best of both worlds from a musician and a blogger stand point.

My NEW music is out and available on physical CD and Digital Download and this very blog is now written and video. At first glance you would think that a video blog would be better.... but there are some sweet advantages to the written one. Same goes for the Digital Download of the music it is instant and immediate but the CD is just so much more tangible. Where am I going with this? The new era of all this fast paced digital stuff and instant gratification has really started to just actually create more cost in producing the products and will eventually throw everything off balance. I mean yeah it is really cool, but do we all really want to pay more for the products and services? This blog is a free thing for the consumer and of course the digital download in most cases is not, but there still is a cost of production even for the written blog. Time is always exchanged for money, so if it originally took less time to produce it could be justified, but when technology starts demanding more from us it then takes more time in which costs more money, therefore if the producers cannot give the more time to produce a "for free" product in the end the price goes up or it is discontinued altogether. Another scenario is the product will have a cost to the consumer, when it did not have one before. Now are you still with me? So my answer to solve this problem using the example case of my music releases are as now like this:

If you just simply subscribe to me you can get everything for ONLY $5 at my website that way it keeps my costs down distributing it all over the place and gives me more time to produce NEW music in which if you continue your subscription you can get it too, as much as you want to download or stream each month for all the low price of $5. This is the best deal cause you get access to all of the liner notes you can print or view, and you also have access to all kinds of bonus stuff that is not available anywhere else. If you only subscribe for one month for the $5 you can still download everything and keep it FOREVER. Wow what a deal you may be cheering. If you stick around and subscribe again and again each month you get to keep getting or streaming the music, etc. over and over again on your computer or with the cool FREE BandCamp app that is available at your app store.

Now of course you could just buy the new album on CD but it will cost more to get because it has to be manufactured, distributed, shipped, etc. to get to you. Now this is a cool option as the product is really nice. So anyway you can now see that to do all of this stuff takes a lot of time to get it available to everyone in the form they like most so, long story short, please appreciate and take advantage of the offers to keep the flow going and keep us all able to keep the content coming to you. To purchase the physical CD follow this link: Buy CD Here

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  1. I might add that NONE of the NEW album "The Unforgettable Musical Journey" is on iTunes or Spotify. I like those companies ok and all, and some of my previously released material is there but for this one it is just a little more exclusive and unique.